Equipment Tender Ref.No: 020/E(P)/CGMSC/EQP/2014,Dt 17/07/2014    Equipment Tender Ref.No: 019/E(P) /CGMSC/EQP/2014, Dt 16/07/2014    Notice for Extension of Equipment Tender ref No:018/E(P)/CGMSC/EQP/2014,Dt 27/05/2014    Notice Regrading Delivery Period of Equipments,Date: 23/06/2014,    Notice for Mitanin Kit Tender: Ref.No:09/M(P)/CGMSC/Drug/2013,Dt.26/12/2013    Evaluation Result of Cover B:Ref.No:010/E(P)/CGMSC/HBNC-KIT/2013,Dt.20/12/2013    Tender for Stationary Items    Price Bid For Mannequins Tender:Ref.No:08(3R)/MQ(P)/CGMSC/MANNEQUINS/2014,Dt.26/02/2014    Price Bid For Mitanin KIT Tender:Ref.No:009/M(P)/CGMSC/Drugs/2013, Dt.09.12.2013    Notice For Demonstration:Ref.No:006(R)/E(P)/CGMSC/EQUIPMENT/2014, Dt.03.02.2014    Notice:- Evaluation of Cover B- Ref.No:09/M(P)/CGMSC/Drugs/2013, Dt.16.12.2013   Evaluation Result of Cover B of Mitanin KIT Tender:09/M(P)/CGMSC/Drugs/2013,Dt.16.12.2013   Notice Related to Invoice and Delivery Challan for Equipment     Expression of Interest (Insurance) Breakup of itmes to be insured      List Of Drugs Finalised By CGMSC      

Welcome to Chhattisgarh Medical Services Corporation !!!

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                             Chhattisgarh Medical Services Corporation Limited
                                   3rd floor, Govind Sarang Vyavasayik Parisar,
                                           New Rajendra Nagar, Raipur

                             Phone no: (0771) 2220015, 4280012 / 5 / 6.
                                        Fax no: 4280018

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